Back from the beach!

30 07 2009

We spent a few (not enough) days in Ocean Grove, NJ where my family is renting a beach house. As far as the Jersey Shore goes, Ocean Grove is awesome. It is small, sleaze free, and the beaches are really nice. There are lots of places around to get organic/vegan friendly foods as well.

Our first night back in Brooklyn called for pizza and, naturally, wings…

When we were in NJ, we were on a liquor run, and found our beloved Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. This stuff rocks- it is from South Carolina, and in its original flavor, tastes exactly like iced tea- add that to some lemonade and it tastes like, well- really great lemonade iced tea- dangerous! We’ve only seen the original in NYC, but in this NJ store, they had the flavored ones. We chose the peach tea version and were not all that surprised when it tasted brilliantly similar to Snapple Peach Iced Tea. Perfect for summer….or..whenever.

Firefly Peach Tea Vodka

This time, instead of the usual buffalo tofu pizza, we did half buffalo tofu, half sundried tomato, roasted red pepper and onion. It was delicious!

Buffalo Tofu Wings with Vegan Ranch DressingBuffalo Tofu/Sundried Tomato & Roasted Pepper Pizza




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