8 08 2009

We needed to put the classy picnic set to use this season and Robbie decided (thank you to Time Out), to devirginize it at the Bartow-Pell Mansion in Pelham Bay Park. It was the most beautiful day of the season thus far, so we lucked out. The mansion is out of control; it is all Greek Revival on the inside, and Grecian stone on the outside. I was amazed that no one was really there except staff setting up for a wedding. I am in love with this place- being there was utterly relaxing, and reminded me of being on vineyards in Napa- all in the middle of the Bronx! We packed an awesome picnic with hummus, veggies, champagne grapes, heirloom tomatoes, champagne, cheese (for Robbie), and une baguette. In the evening, there was a blue grass concert which we crashed, as well as a nice spread with (more) wine that we “borrowed.” I also “borrowed” some herbs from the beautiful herb garden. I can’t wait to go back here again!

Bartow-Pell MansionChampagne Grapes!The spread




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