Italian, Chinese, and a Birffday!

18 08 2009

We’ve been wanting to make raviolis for a long time, but couldn’t find any eggless wonton wrappers. Fate, our course, would put them in our local grocery store, where we’ve been a billion times. We made our own sauce with plenty of basil, and filled these buggers with sundried tomato/balsamic/basil mix and FYH cheese. They’re very simple to make and cook very quickly. So tasty!!! Sprinkle the tops with a bit of Galaxy Vegan Parm and you’re all set! We also made bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil, marinated in some olive oil. After seeing Julia & Julie, there was a scene with kick-ass bruschetta that was first cooked in butter. It definitely made a yummy difference.


The next night, we were still on a wonton wrapper binge, so we made seitan potstickers. The key is pan frying the potstickers, then once they’re browned, covering them with water and letting the water cook off. I made a soy based sauce, as well as a peanut sauce for dipping. We made some asian bruschetta too- that was sweet. We used avocado, tomato and some wasabi.

Seitan potstickers

For Robbie’s birfday, we went to Prospect Park, down by the huge lake and had a picnic. We ate our usual picnic fare, and sipped some champagne (ahhem…brut). We then went to Death & Co. and drooled as we watched the incredible bartenders there make amazing creations. Dinner was at Counter, and I would have had photos, but was too focused on eating- NUM!

Prospect Park/Baby




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