Tis the season!

3 09 2009

I’ve been on a tomato binge lately- they are perfectly in season at this late point in the summer, and the heirloom tomatoes at the greenmarket are absolutely incredible. Robbie picked up some squash blossoms too, and we decided to make stuffed squash blossom bruschetta- with basil, heirlooms, and squash blossoms stuffed with Sunergia Soy Feta. Like we’ve done before, placing the bread in a buttered grill pan really brings out a nice sweetness to go with the olive oil, salt and pepper on the tomato mixture.

Stuffed Squash Blossom Bruschetta

This drink happened post-dinner wine cocktail, and it is a mixture of St. Germain and shiraz. So pretty!

Wine cocktail!

On Monday, we consulted the ever trusted TimeOut, and decided to picnic in Sunset Park. The view of Manhattan was absolutely incredible- I think the best besides flying into the city. You could literally see so much of the city, including the Statue of Liberty.

Sunset Park




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