A confused local grocer…

17 10 2009

Our local grocery store is the Met- a small, but packed store that carries all the standards, and randomly some really great vegan products. Weirdest of all, they carry Field Roast- vegan grain meat. It is the seitan superstar of all faux meats, and comes in sausages, slices, and even a stuffed “Celebration Roast” with butternut squash, apples, and mushrooms. It tastes incredible, and has become a staple (when we can afford it) on our menu. A few months ago, I noticed a familiar label in the packaged meat aisle at the Met. God knows why I was looking in that direction, but I was- and noticed Field Roast in the MEAT section. Not in the separate vegan/veg section with your standard Tofurkey/Light Life selection. Nope- the Field Roast vegan sausages were right next to the other premade “gourmet” (blech) real meat products. I thought this was hilarious (especially since they cost less here, at the Met, than at Whole Foods), and thought that would be the end of the story. Did they think it was meat? Maybe, but regardless, I was just happy to see it there. Last week, however, the story unfolded. As usual, I always look to see that the Met still carries it, as I have a fear that one day it will just be gone. Today, however, there were not only sausages, but Field Roast meatloaf and Field Roast Celebration Roast (which I’ve rarely seen anywhere). The best part is that it was priced out as an actual meat- handling warning label on it and all. This all confirmed by suspicion- the Met really doesn’t know it is vegan. And that’s good- it is a good enough product to be placed on the same “level” as it’s counterparts. Huzzah! We used it to make a pre-Thanksgiving vegan feast- with gravy, mashed local purple potatoes, and local greenbeans with almonds and rosemary. Vive la Field Roast!





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