Fall! I (kind of) love it…

20 11 2009

Okay, I’ve learned to love it- I must admit. I still hate the multitude of clothing, and not being able to throw on a dress and not wear sweaters, but in the fall, the city is just a whole different thing.

Robbie and I FINALLY got to Wave Hill, and it was absolutely worth the trip- which isn’t bad if you go on days when Wave Hill isn’t closed; but we’d still rather blame that fiasco from last time on Wave Hill. Why not?  The grounds are incredible, and with the hopefully long-lasting abuse of the old NYU student IDs, admission is only $3.00. Go!Here are a few pics from our visit- GIANT leaf, beautiful view, and stunning conservatories with craaazyyyy looking plants.

We’ve also been cooking up a storm lately. Lots of fall things; soups, anything with tomatoes, and generally anything seasonal/comforting. I’ve been trying my best to buy local/organic as much as possible. Until I started reading a lot more about the horrors of the veggie world (after feeling generally well educated about the animal side of it), I’ve learned that I can do so much more than I am doing. For example, I was able to spend 7.50 on: a huge eggplant, a quart of apple cider, 3 Macoun apples, and 2 huge butternut squash- all local and organic. I left the market feeling so good- I knew that I’d supported small, local, organic farmers in my area, and that I would be feeding myself and the person I love great, healthy, chemical free food. I hope to be able to do this more and more, as it is hypocritical to call myself a well informed, practicing environmentalist if local and organic are not up there in importance with the waste produced by factory animal farming. Anyway, here are a few of our yums- Serious Mac N Cheese, bruschetta, lasagna, and a spicy tempeh salad. The last is a veganized verson of a pizza Robbie had at Keste- it is topped with peppers and artichoke hearts, and instead of sauce, it is a butternut squash “cream” sauce. Delish!

The Mac N Cheese is the veganized version of Ina Garten’s recipe, which was in GQ.

To make it, cook about 3/4 pack of pasta (we love shells).

For the rest, you’ll need:

Preheated oven- 400

1/2 block each: FYH jack and FYH cheddar- cubed into 1/2″ pieces.

6 TBSP vegan butter

1 quart soymilk

1/2 cup flour

Spices: salt, pepper

1-2 plum tomatoes

Panko or bread crumbs.


In a saucepan, heat soymilk till it is warm, but not to a boil. While it heats, make a roux out of  your flour and butter by melting the butter and gradually whisking in the flour bit by bit. When they are mixed well, add your soymilk and stir until the mixture is a bit thickened. Add your cheese, and some salt and pepper. Keep mixing until cheese it melted, making sure not to keep the heat too high (or it gets too gooey)…

Mix drained pasta in with your cheese mixture and place in either a casserole dish or preferably, a dutch oven. Add a slice of tomatoes on top in a layer, and sprinkle liberally with panko/bread crumbs to top it all off.

Cover and bake till bubbly, about 35 minutes. Then, bake 5 minutes more under the broiler.





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