Ancho chiles stuffed with “beef tenderloin”, shitakes, and cremini

26 07 2009

Rosa cookbook to the rescue…again! Their recipes are awesome- not always the easiest because the ingredients usually aren’t on hand- but they aren’t difficult to make once you have everything. The best part of this recipe, to me, is the roasted yellow tomato salsa that the stuffed chiles are served over. The combo of the yellow tomatoes (which Robbie found at the USQ greenmarket!) and the habanero make an incredible, creamy combination. I used homemade seitan to substitute the beef tenderloin, which worked great. Also, the recipe called for goat cheese. Instead, we used Sunergia Soy Feta, in their Tomato and Garlic flavor.

In Tomato and Garlic flavor

I’d never tried this before, and it was awesome. Just like (I remember) feta being…and it worked great in the chiles. We served it with Rosa’s red rice- which has ancho and guajillo chiles- and guacamole.

To drink, we had pretty cachaça (finally pronouncing it right- ka-cha-sa) drinks with sugar and lime. We tried Leblon cachaça at an Astor Wines tasting, and pretty much had to get it. So, Robbie made his version of a Caipirinha- a traditional Brazilian drink. It was pretty great.

Fruit CaipirinhaStuffed Chiles, Roasted Yellow Tomato SalsaGuac and Chips

After dinner, we watched a movie. Yea, it may have been Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze. It was…great…but the NUMNUM scene makes it worth it.