Welcome home, Ms. Stella Adler!

16 05 2010

Last Friday, I was walking in the East Village to meet my friend Sarah for some pre-theatre Indian food at Brick Lane Curry House (none of which was photo-worthy, as it looked like mush- but it tasted great and they have marked vegan options on the menu).

On my way, I saw this beautiful French Bulldog, with an “Adopt Me” vest.

Robbie and I have been dreaming of adopting a dog for a while now, but we were both too scared to ask our landlord if he would allow it, as 1) That would mean that all of our silly pre-dog planning was for naught and 2) We love our apartment and moving is probably not in the near future. So, no doggie.

Stella and her Dad, Robbie

That aside, I instantly, and probably freakishly, asked the walker volunteer what her story was. She told me the shelter where she was staying, and I noted it but didn’t go there immediately because of my plans. After dinner, Sarah suggested we stop by, even though it was supposed to be closed. If Sarah hadn’t suggested this, I probably would never have been able to adopt Stella (Oh- her name is Stella Adler, by the way). Thus, Sarah is Stella’s official god(or whatever)mother.

Long story (kind of) short, our landlord said YES, however reluctantly, to our plea to adopt her and we brought her home the next day. I actually got the final yes from my landlord while having a vegan Twitter meet-up with some new blogger friends. You can check out their blogs Lifestyles of the Chic & Vegan, Vegan Good Things and brazil nut. We all simultaneously had a wonderful, joyful freak out. I was pretty worked up from all the suspense, so it was great to have their support. Thanks ladies!!

Stella and her Grand-dogger

We were told that she was abandoned. It baffles me that anyone could do that to a family member. As if she was a handbag or something. From what we can tell, she was probably forced to be a mommy more than she would have liked, and from the length of her nails and some scarring in her ears from untreated infections, there was definitely some mistreatment. That being said, she is love. Love, love, love.

She is such a fantastic addition to the family. We absolutely adore her, and it feels like she’s been part of our clan for so much longer than just a week. She’s great with other dogs, kids, and even the occasional unicycle.

PLAY with me!

….Just another example of why people looking to get a dog or cat should ADOPT! There are so many incredible, sweet animals looking for homes.

Cheers to Stella!