Grilled Pizza…not so much

20 07 2009

This is how much I love Brooklyn. I went to the Trader Joe’s in BK, knowing that I would be next to the Union Square Trader Joe’s anyway when I went into Manhattan directly AFTER- but still chose to lug the bag of groceries from BK into the city. Why? Because the BK Trader Joe’s doesn’t make me want to knock slow moving/clueless/touristy people out blocks of my organic, extra firm tofu. So, once in the city, it seemed like the perfect day to get a cocktail- it was gorgeous out. I’ve always wanted to try Mercadito Cantina out, and now that I like beer (hark!), I was interested in their fancy beer cocktails- I ordered a “Happy-Mich” which was Dos Equis Lager, watermelon, lime, salsa picante, and hibiscus. Robbie had a “Tiki-Mich”: Dos Equis Lager, pineapple, lime, serrano, and spicy syrup. We also got a tasting of 3 salsas: the cacahuate (grilled tomato, toasted peanute, chile de arbol, chile guajilo), the veracruza (roasted tomato, bell pepper, pickled jalapeno), and my fav the habanero (grilled tomato, habanero, garlic, lemon). For $6.50, they were amazing. Each was super-good and fresh.

Happy/Tiki Mich

Being that it is summer, and when it is beautiful out, nothing sounds better than grilling something and drinking a beer, we decided to grill one of our favorite things- PIZZA. Robbie had the idea to make a “meat-lovers” pizza, so we put together a bunch of toppings. Tofurky Italian sausage, ¬†SmartBacon, Tofurky Peppered Deli Slices, Trader Joe’s soyrizo, and the new, amazing Gardein fake meats: “It’s all good” BBQ Skewers. Gardein is the new “it” sub they’re using in a lot of restaurants for seitan, but also now Morningstar Farms uses it. We figured we must try it. YUM. Really great. Except that it’s kind of pricey, which reminded me I need to make more seitan from scratch- because it’s super cheap and more pure. We ¬†also made our own sauce, and shredded some FYH Jack cheese. Blue moon beer in hand, Robbie fired up the charcoal grill out front, while I precooked the dough. I thought we may have some issues grilling the fresh dough on a finicky grill, with no lid or anything, so I pre-cooked it for about 15 minutes. It was too thin, so when we put it on the grill, it pretty much just burned. We gave up on the grilling until we can use a gas grill, or not put the pizza directly over the charcoal, brought the whole thing inside and oven cooked it instead. Anti-climactic, but it still tasted awesome! Robbie made some pretty drinks too- lime juice, muddled mind, pineapple juice, vodka, topped with soda. NUM!