Solixir, A sparkling botanical beverage

1 08 2010

Almost a year ago already, I met Scott and Brian of Solixir at my local Whole Foods. They were demoing a then new beverage, and were looking to add a team member in NYC to spread the word. Since then, I have been their NYC Field Marketing manager, and have loved getting to see Solixir grow.

Besides the fact that they are great guys, Solixir is an amazing beverage. There really is nothing else out there that is like it.

Solixir is an all natural, no GMO, sparkling botanical beverage. There are no added sugars or sweeteners, and each can is (total) under 60 calories.

Solixir comes in three different flavors, each providing a different function.

Orange Mate: Awake

Orange Mate is great in the morning, or any time you need a little pick-me-up. For me, that comes at about 3 pm daily. The energy source in Orange Mate comes from the yerba mate herb, a South American herb that many people are familiar with because it is popular in teas. In a can of Orange Mate, yerba mate provides a low 30 mg of natural caffeine, so the effect is a really nice wake-up, and a sustained energy. Unlike other energy drinks, packed with sugar and loaded with caffeine, Orange Mate doesn’t make you spike and crash or get jittery.

Pomegranate Ginger: Restore

Pomegranate Ginger is great for many reasons. I’d say it is my favorite flavor, but also as a SPINNING™ instructor, it a great recovery drink post workout. The full glass of water in each can (as in all flavors) hydrates my body right away, while the herbal blend encourages oxygen flow and aids in post-workout repair (elderflower/elderberry are vasodilators- a fancy way to say they open up blood vessels and allow for faster recovery). Pomegranate Ginger is also great to drink if you feel a little cold coming on, or if you have an (um, errr) hangover.

Blackberry Chamomile: Relax

Blackberry Chamomile is an awesome drink when you want to chill out. It contains lots of soothing herbs which are great for relaxing your body. I like to drink it when I want to de-stress or calm down a bit. It is also great to drink before bed.

All three flavors are really refreshing, just sweet enough (from real fruit juice), and provide your body with the hydration it needs.

Other quick things to note about Solixir:

•There is a full glass of water in each can, so you really are hydrating your body when you drink Solixir

•Solixir was developed by an herbalist and nutritionist

•If you live in NYC, you can grab cans of Solixir at Whole Foods, in the cooler section. It is also available on

•Solixir is privately owned, so when you buy a can, you will feel good about supporting an independent, ethical business

•If you like cocktails, Solixir makes a GREAT, healthier mixer. Pom Ginger and gin- add some Canton ginger liqueur if you’re feeling adventurous. Heaven.

As I said, I’m so lucky to work with a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle, and at the same time, exemplifies that with hard work and dedication, you can build your own business from the bottom up- and continue to grow!

Of course, Solixir is vegan. It is also gluten free. And delicious.

Stella dog loves Solixir too!