Product Review: Match Meats

14 04 2010

Through the world of twitter, I found a meat alternative called MATCH (

It is a soy based vegan meat alternative that comes in ground chicken, beef, pork, sausage, and crab varieties. What is super cool about it is that you can shape/form the “meat” into any shape you want. Then, you can cook it in any style you want too.

I did a little online research, and found myself watching all of their online videos, where they demonstrate making a ton of awesome dishes out of their products. I went further and looked at their youtube channel, and decided I really had to try this. Check this stuffed thanksgiving roast out, for example:

I was really excited (and surprised) that MATCH is sold at D’Agostino locations in NYC. When I went looking for it in the store, I checked the usual sections- where they keep meat alternatives and such. No luck. I tried the freezer section. No luck. Just when I was about the leave MATCH-less and sad, there it was. A beautiful sight in the midst of all the real meat (It goes for 9.99/pound package- sounds a bit pricey, but it lasts a while- at least two meals each for two hungry people). I find it somewhat odd that they place it in the middle of the meat section, but I think it is also an opportunity for someone browsing that section to see an alternative where they normally wouldn’t.

We decided to by the ground beef MATCH, and first used it to make Southwestern style burgers with Daiya Cheese, corn,  and black beans. Now, I have made many a veggie burger, and many good ones at that. But this stuff is SO easy to shape and form. AND, when you cook it, it stays together. Any of us who have made our share of veggie burgers know how cool that is. And, they tasted really great too. YUM.

Next, we used the leftover MATCH beef for taco salad night. I simply crumbled it in my hands, right into the pan and cooked it with some salt, pepper, chipotle in adobo, hot sauce, and garlic. It came out great.

I’m definitely impressed with MATCH, and excited to use it in other dishes.

Has anyone out there tried it? I’d love some more ideas!!